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Optimize your Oral Health with our Membership Plan!

Hebron Family Dental takes pride in giving patients the resources to pursue a bright, healthy smile. Not having access to dental insurance or having previously elected dental insurance at all can make obtaining basic oral healthcare a difficult and stressful experience. If this sounds like you or you are unhappy with your current dental insurance plan, we have great news! Hebron Family Dental offers a Membership Plan to all patients.

What does a dental membership with our office entail? We are here to provide you with the information you need to decide whether this plan is right for you and your family. Just like regular dental insurance, our plan covers preventative dental care (cleanings, routine x-rays, etc.).

It also offers discounts on other treatment options available in our office. Preventive dental care coverage is crucial because it will make it much easier to have your teeth cleaned and checked twice yearly. Attending these appointments is a great way to catch oral health problems before they become more serious.

Our plan comes without the hassles that frustrate patients with their regular dental insurance providers. Your benefits start immediately, and you will not have any waiting periods or pre-approvals upon signing up! There are also no copays, deductibles, or annual maximums.

You get exactly what you pay for with full-price transparency. Three variations of the plan are offered: Child Complete, Adult Complete, and Perio Care.

What do these plans include?

Our plans make your oral healthcare journey easy to understand and affordable. You won’t receive benefits like this through your traditional dental insurance provider! By offering this plan, our team hopes more patients will realize how important it is to stay on top of their dental appointments.

The health of your smile can be directly linked to your quality of life, and putting care off for too long can have undesirable consequences. Our plan can help you take the next step in your smile journey with us! If you have any questions or want to sign up, call Hebron Family Dental at (972) 820-8780.