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Family Dentistry Carrollton, TX

Our practice is family-friendly, and our dentists would love to become your go-to providers, regardless of your oral health journey. Family dentistry treatment in our Carrollton, TX, office addresses the needs of you and your loved ones.

This means we can provide dental treatment for children and adults so everyone can keep their smiles healthy. We also provide general dentistry services in our dental office. Here, we will give tips to parents on how to care for their smiles and build good oral health habits as they grow.

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Family Dentistry in Carrollton, TX

You are not alone if you have trouble getting your children to cooperate with brushing their teeth. Luckily, there are ways to make your children not only brush their teeth on their own but come to love it, too. Below are our three favorite ways to get your kids to love oral hygiene!

Reward good brushing behavior.

Rewards can be as simple as stickers or marks on a chart whenever your children take ownership of their oral hygiene routine without complaint. You could even let your children choose dinner one night of the week if they have been good about brushing their teeth the week prior. No matter how small a reward may be, it will reinforce positive oral hygiene habits in your child.

Make it fun.

How can you make brushing fun for your kids? We recommend making a brushing playlist of songs they enjoy. You can even mix in some dental-themed songs. Whenever it is time for brushing, put a playlist on and brush your teeth with your children. You can also try letting your children pick their toothbrushes.

Most stores carry many toothbrushes for kids, many with beloved cartoon characters on them. There are many unique ways to get your children to view oral hygiene as necessary and fun. Soon, your kids will ask when it’s time to brush their teeth.

Teach your children the importance of oral health early and model good oral hygiene yourself.

Children tend to take on the behaviors they see in their parents, even if they don’t understand them. Oral hygiene is no exception. If a child sees their parents consistently brushing and flossing, they will think they should be doing the same. Creating a specific time for brushing for your kids at a young age will create a habit.

When they become old enough to take care of their oral care, a particular time will already be familiar with them. It is also essential to explain to children the reasons why certain behaviors are positive. 

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