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Why Dental Implants Offer the Best Tooth Replacement

If you lose one or more teeth, you might struggle with your usual oral functions, like speaking and chewing food. You may also feel unsatisfied with your smile’s appearance when you have gaps where lost teeth should be. You might not realize that missing teeth can also increase your risk for further dental problems.

Therefore, seeking replacement for missing teeth is crucial if you want to restore the health, aesthetics, and capability of your smile. Your dentist will evaluate your dental structure to recommend the best dental restoration for your unique needs. But one treatment in particular can offer the best restorative benefits regarding tooth replacement.

Dental implants are the optimal way to replace one, several, or an entire arch of missing teeth. You can feel more confident pursuing this type of dental treatment when you know more about it. So read on to discover why dentists suggest replacing missing teeth with implants rather than other restorative options.

Why Dental Implants Offer the Best Tooth Replacement in Carrollton TX

What Do Dental Implants Do?

Dental implant treatment will take three or more visits to your dentist’s office to complete. The dentist will first consult with you to determine the type of implant you need to fully restore your smile. A single implant, an implant-secured dental bridge, or an all-on-four implant may suit your specific oral health goals.

Dentists will insert a titanium post anchor into the jaw. These anchors fuse with bone in the jaw for strong and stable support that will sustain the prosthetics of the implant fixture.

Once healed, these custom dental prosthetics will remain fixed in the smile, offering reliable tooth replacement that can last for twenty years or longer. You can see improved appearance, function, and wellness in your smile with this treatment.

How Does Implant Dentistry Compare to Other Tooth Replacements?

Dentists consider dental implants to be a permanent restoration because of its reliance on the fusion process with the jawbone. While many people appreciate the longevity of this treatment, some patients may prefer a more affordable and less invasive device like a dental bridge.

A dental bridge can fill gaps in the smile and enhance the ability to bite, chew, and speak. But the bridge replaces teeth only above the gumline. This cannot promote the wellness of the jawbone, which can deteriorate in the absence of the tooth’s root.

Implants replace teeth both above and below the gumlines to provide stimulation to the jawbone. By replacing the missing tooth’s root, you can prevent sagging in the face and jaw shrinkage. Other restorative solutions cannot offer this same advantage.

Am I Eligible for Implant Dentistry?

Though the benefits of implant dentistry are evident, not all patients can qualify for this type of tooth replacement. The implant’s success depends on the jawbone fusion, which requires enough healthy bone and gum tissue to accomplish.

If you lose too much gum tissue or jawbone due to complications relating to tooth loss, then the fusion cannot occur properly. A dentist will evaluate your oral health and dental structure using x-ray imaging to ensure you are eligible for dental implants before beginning the treatment. Schedule your dental consultation today to begin your tooth replacement journey.