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Help Your Child’s Smile This Summer

With school dismissed for the summer, you and your child likely look forward to the break from your usual routines. However, some routines will still need upkeep, including oral hygiene. It may feel difficult to keep up with good oral habits during the summer months, but with proper preparation, you can encourage healthy practices that will protect your child’s smile.

A child’s baby teeth can be more prone to cavities and other dental dangers because primary teeth have thinner enamel than adult teeth. Although kids lose baby teeth eventually, their health can play a major role in long-term oral development. So keeping a child’s smile strong and healthy is crucial.

You can speak to your child’s dentist to learn more about the best ways to promote smile-friendly behaviors. But you can also find tips from your family dentist that will help you hone good oral habits with your child this summer when you read on.

Help Your Child's Smile This Summer

Encourage Consistent Oral Hygiene Practices

Many people incorporate oral hygiene into their usual morning and evening routines. But if you no longer need to wake up to get to school on time, you may see disruption in these regimens. However, you can help your child adhere to good oral hygiene practices by encouraging the continuation of these routines.

Patients of all ages, including children, will need to brush their teeth twice a day, morning and nighttime. They should also floss every day, but the timing may vary depending on your preferences. You and your family can better keep up with these practices if you do them at the same time each day.

If you or your child have trouble remembering to brush or floss your teeth, you may benefit from setting reminder alerts on your phone. You can also store toothbrushes and floss in the open, such as on the bathroom counter, to provide a visual cue to remember to do it.

Give Your Child Plenty of Water

Hot summer weather will mean you and your family will need to drink plenty of water to rehydrate after sweating. But drinking water will help your oral health too.

Drinking water will stave off dehydration, preventing you from developing dry mouth. In a dry oral environment, oral bacteria can more easily spread, endangering your smile to cavities and gum disease. As mentioned, kids with baby teeth might prove especially vulnerable to these dental dangers.

Ensure your child drinks at least eight glasses of water each day. Drinking water as an alternative to sugary sodas or citrus juices can also keep their teeth stronger and more resistant to tooth decay.

Book a Dental Check-Up

At-home dental care is crucial to maintaining a healthy smile. But your child will also need regular attention from a dental professional too. Flexible schedule during the summer can make for an ideal time to schedule your child’s routine dental check-up.

During this appointment, your child receives crucial preventive oral healthcare. This can give their smile a clean slate that can encourage them to maintain good oral health too. Call your dentist today to schedule a dental appointment.